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Pakistan will acquire 50 Wing Loong II armed from China

Pakistan will acquire 50 Wing Loong II armed unmanned aerial drones from China, further strengthening its defensive capabilities.

Scientists are calling for a blockade in the UK following the rapid spread of the Covid-19 variant

Cases of a new variant of the Covid-19 virus were confirmed on Saturday in several European countries, including Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. They are all related to people who have come from Great Britain.

India arrested 75 people in Kashmir after after the alliance against Modi won

The Indian government arrested at least 75 Kashmiri political leaders and activists to prevent political unrest after a regional union of political parties won local elections in Kashmir, leaders and a police officer said on Saturday.

Pakistan has issued visas to 47 Indian Hindu to visit prominent Hindu temples

47 Indian Hindu pilgrims issue visas from Pakistan to visit temples, despite links between the two countries.

Daniel Pearl’s family condemns the defendant’s release in Pakistan

In a statement Perle's family said "the killers must remain in prison" before appealing the release.

Erdogan Turkey President said we hopes for better relations with Israel

Turkey has not completely cut ties with Israel and continues to work with the country in the field of intelligence services, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday.

Israel’s Minister has rejected reports claiming that Pakistan has recognized the State of Israel

During a conversation with Israeli television broadcaster, Akunis revealed that during the tenure of US President Donald Trump, Israel was trying to formalize its relationship with a fifth Muslim nation, but the country in question was not Pakistan.

Capital Development Authority (CDA) allows to build walls around the temple

Capital Development Authority (CDA) to build walls around the temple

China promised retaliation against US sanctions against its companies

The world's largest drone maker DJI, said it was "disappointed" by the blacklist but would not stop US customers from buying its products.