Saturday, December 2, 2023

Zoom Adds new Feature to make Meeting more Productive

Zoom App announces new update to make meeting more productive and focus mode will be starting automatically when start meeting. Several new improvements and features for Zoom’s video calling software have been released to help businesses become more efficient while also getting more value from their meetings.

According to Techradar, the hosts of Zoom meetings will now be able to begin a conference with Focus Mode immediately launching. This function will assist enterprises and organizations in monitoring a number of employees during meetings, despite the fact that it was originally created for use in online learning environments.

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Focus Mode in Zoom Update

Zoom’s Focus Mode allows participants to view themselves, the host (or co-hosts), and the information that is being delivered during the meeting while remaining in their seats. However, the hosts and co-hosts can also choose a Gallery View in order to observe all of the participants at the same time.

Another feature added by Zoom is the option to preserve a customised Gallery View in an order that is preferred by the hosts. As a result, the meeting hosts may now preserve a customised gallery order for each unique meeting ID in this section. The stored order may be loaded before to a meeting, saving them the time and effort of having to modify the order manually every time they begin a new video conference session.

Video Mail

Zoom has also released an upgrade to its cloud phone system, which will make it easier for coworkers to keep in touch with one another. Voicemails are used to leave a message for someone when they are not available on their phones. However, this function is soon to become outdated, and the majority of people do not want to go through the process. As a result, Zoom has chosen to provide its consumers with a superior alternative to traditional voicemail.

Users of the Zoom service who access it through their smartphones will soon be able to send video welcomes to their colleagues, which will allow them to leave video messages directly from their voicemail mailbox. Employees will be able to keep in touch with their coworkers thanks to Zoom’s new capabilities, regardless of where they are located while working.

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