Thursday, March 23, 2023

Zoe Kravitz opened up about how social media affected her career

Social media has had both positive and negative effects on career of Zoe Kravitz and she shared her thoughts on the subject. She acknowledged that the internet had both beneficial and harmful effects. She advised people to exercise caution in their online interactions.

A magazine addressed the Batman actress about her and other celebrities’ usage of Instagram and Twitter. Whereas, Zoe Kravitz has discussed the negative aspects of these social media networks.

An actor once said, “I didn’t really sit and think about it, which is sometimes his downfall. I tend to act on impulse. That’s a common issue on social networking platforms. You can simply do something without thinking before conceding that wonderful things come with the freedom to speak one’s mind openly.”

According to Kravitz, “to act like we understand social media is a joke since it is a giant experiment that we are all engaging in. There are good and bad times. While I’m sure there were positive effects on my career, I also believe that there also negative ones.”

In her opinion, actors have it tough because they reveal too much about themselves. It makes it tough for them to vanish into their characters. She didn’t know anything about the stars she grew up adoring and watching. That’s what made studying them so fascinating.

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