Saturday, December 9, 2023

Zara Noor receives love as she turned 30

Zara Noor Abbas received sweet love and birthday wishes from fans and colleagues in show connections when she turned 30 on Saturday.

Actress Ehd-e-Wafa turned to Instagram and shared views from her birthday.

Zara shares her beautiful photo as she cuts the cake and writes: “Since I was 30 today, I have believed in God more than ever. I believe in miracles more than ever. The fact that goodness wins everything and that I am no longer a slave to the masses. my past, but a proud and worthy owner of all the feelings and emotions that I have been and will be going through from now on. “”

She continued, “The last year has taught me a lot about humanity today and I am very happy to be with meaningful people. I am calm with myself. It took me 30 years to realize that I could not control anything. So I do my best to my God and pray that he will take me to his place. I have no claims – no icing. I have no regrets – nothing to cheat. I am myself and the best family and friend I can ask. likes to swallow on its own. Ready to learn more. Love more. Give more. Help more. “”

“All the best for me. And this is where I have to eat all my beautiful and sweet birthday cakes,” said Zara.

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