Tuesday, May 30, 2023

YouTube will begin hiding dislikes for the sake of content creators’ well-being

YouTube announced it would test an antipathy hideout to prevent “dislike” voting on videos from developers and channels.

This experiment differs from the company’s previous decisions but is similar to other websites trying to tackle targeted attacks like Instagram.

In a recent tweet, the streaming platform said it had “experimented with different designs to cover up the number of dislikes to protect creators from being overwhelmed by willful antipathy from malicious viewers” in response to feedback from creators.

In the current settings, all likes and dislikes are shown in the respective areas of the creator’s YouTube Studio, but only likes that are publicly displayed in a video.

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In a support artist describing the test, Youtube said it had a negative impact on creators’ well-being and “could encourage a reluctance campaign targeted at creator videos”. Basically, the idea is that an increase in hatred can be enough incentive to join in and increase their numbers.

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