Monday, May 29, 2023

YouTube TV resolves Disney contract issue, credits customers $15

If the two businesses can’t come to a new carriage contract by the end of the week, subscribers will lose access to Disney-owned channels on YouTube TV. After failing to reach a contract, YouTube TV informed users that it will be dropping Disney channels and lowering prices. But things changed over the weekend. YouTube revealed a new deal on Sunday, but will still give customers a $15 refund for the inconvenience.

YouTube said in a blog post that it had signed a new arrangement with Disney to continue streaming its programming on YouTube TV. That implies consumers of YouTube TV won’t get a discount when the channels have deleted. Instead, YouTube TV will remain at $64.99 per month.

It includes Disney’s networks like ESPN and FX as well as on-demand and live content. Customers’ YouTube TV Library recordings from Disney properties will likewise be restored. YouTube TV also mentioned that subscribers’ local ABC stations would return by Sunday evening.

Customers of YouTube TV would have lost access to a huge number of streaming channels and on-demand content if no deal has reached. Less than half of the Disney-owned channels have affected.

$15 Discount

Due to the contractual conflict, YouTube guaranteed its members a $15 discount while Disney content stayed off its platform. Disney’s programming has only suspended for one day. But YouTube confirmed on Sunday it will still give affected members a one-time credit.

Members who haven’t yet received their $15 monthly bill savings will get it on their next statement. No action has required from members to gain credit. Customers who cancelled due to failed negotiations can re-enroll by visiting the website ( and clicking “add” to reinstate the Base plan. Subscribers who paused their membership will get a credit one month after their first charge. Paralyzed members will get this credit one month following their initial charge.

YouTube was recently on the losing end of a contract battle with Roku over its YouTube and YouTube TV apps. However, neither business disclosed how they handled serious complaints made by Roku about Google’s growing requests for data and anticompetitive activity.

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