Thursday, February 22, 2024

Youtube to demonetize kid-friendly content

YouTube has announced that it would begin demonetizing some of the channels on its platform that advertise themselves as “designed for kids” in the near future if the video they generate is of poor quality, supports undesirable behaviour or attitudes, or is overly commercialised.

Previously, the company had warned that this type of content would no longer be eligible for inclusion in its dedicated YouTube Kids app. However, starting next month, YouTube will also begin enforcing new monetization policies, which may have an impact on the creators’ eligibility for, or potential removal from, the YouTube Partner Program.

It was just in August that YouTube initially revealed its ambitions to improve its protections for kids, stating that some of the changes would directly address forthcoming legislation, while others would go above and beyond what would be necessary by law.

YouTube announced at the time that it would change the default settings on videos for users ages 13 to 17, allow “take a break” and bedtime reminders for minors, stop using “interests” data to target teens and children with advertisements, and other changes.

As part of the adjustments, YouTube issued a warning to content creators who specialise in creating material for children, adding that the company planned to remove “overly commercial content” from its standalone YouTube Kids app, which is geared at younger children.

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