Thursday, February 22, 2024

YouTube Suspends Steven Crowder Channel permanently from its Partner Program

YouTube suspends Steven Crowder YouTube Channel permanently from its Partner Program including removing its ability to serve ads due to policy violations. Two weeks ago, when YouTube revealed that the definition of speech encouraging hate was so narrow. It could not erase the outburst of savage racism from savage racism.

We wondered what YouTube needed to stop conservative commentator Stephen Crowder channel from becoming a civil servant promoting YouTube partner and enabling  him to use such hard words on channel.

Today we have a partial answer: YouTube has officially closed Steven Crowder main channel from the YouTube affiliate program for an indefinite period of time, including removing its ability to serve ads.

He also banned her from uploading videos for a week after her last injury. This is a deleted video that reportedly challenged the validity of the Nevada vote.

YouTube has a policy against falsely accusing the election of steal. Crowder has announced that they will upload videos to another channel, Crowder Bits.

YouTube Statement

To generate revenue from YouTube, channels must adhere to YouTube Affiliate Program guidelines. This include Community Guidelines, Google AdSense Program Guidelines, and Advertiser Targeting. Channels that repeatedly violate our policies have blocked the affiliate program. We also removed a video from Stephen Crowder’s channel violating our policy of justice in the presidential election. This is going on strike, which means the upload will be suspended for a week.

While YouTube doesn’t tell us which straw broke the camel’s back with the YouTube affiliate program. The company directed us to two specific guidelines on Controversial Issues and Sensitive Events, and Dangerous and Dangerous Activity.

I assume that the horrific racist scolding goes against YouTube’s policy of prohibiting hate and insulting the YouTube affiliate program. But I don’t think I should read too much about it.

This is not first time happened when Crowder YouTube Channel removed from affiliate program. The last time it took him over a year to come back.

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Crowder originally removed from the partner program in June 2019 due to repeated racist and homophobic harassment of former Vox journalist Carlos Maza.

YouTube re-entered its affiliate program and restore monetization of its channel in August 2020. “It has taken steps to correct the behavior that led to its suspension and has a reputation for follow with the rules.”

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