Friday, December 1, 2023

YouTube Shorts Will Be easier to locate Soon

YouTube did add a new dark background and Ambient Mode to the app, now, it is making it easier to locate Shorts. YouTube is going through a lot of visual changes at the same time.

Short films and live broadcasts on YouTube now get their own section on the site. When you go to a YouTube user’s channel, you’ll see these sections at the top, where you can quickly locate their Shorts and Live videos. Subscriptions and Library already are separate tabs, but these are different.
So, this is how it will look in the end.

The fact that YouTube did add a Shorts shelf to the TV app shows how much they care about it. But YouTube did decide to make a section for shorter films. Because it knows that not everyone likes content made just for mobile devices.

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The goal is to give you more of the kinds of things you like to see on the site. When you’re looking at a creator’s Shorts in the feed. You can now tap on the creator’s name to go straight to the creator’s Shorts tab. On the other hand, streamers can use the Live tab to see all of their current and past live streams in one place.

Since Shorts and Live each have their own tab. YouTube will no longer put them under the Videos tab for channels. As already said, this should make it easier to find or avoid things in the Shorts and Live categories.

The update has did start to show up on some users’ devices and is slowly making its way to everyone else. If you can’t get the update, it’s because it hasn’t come out in your area yet.

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