Monday, February 26, 2024

YouTube New Feature for Kids

YouTube Launched Supervised Accounts for Tweens and Teens so that Kids can watch YouTube content with these Supervised Accounts. YouTube realizes that YouTube Kids is too restrictive for older children, while full access to YouTube is too much for young teens.

Therefore, the third option was introduced for parents. Controlled accounts are set up for teens (between 10 and 14 years) and teens.

James Besser, director of product, child and family management at YouTube says, “We’ve heard from parents and older kids that teens and teens have different needs that our products haven’t fully met.

When kids grow up, they always want to. Know and need to gain independence and find new ways to learn, be creative, and join.

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Working with parents and experts, YouTube Launched the Supervised Accounts concept that offers three levels of content settings: Browse, Explore More, and Most of YouTube.

YouTube Launched Supervised Accounts
YouTube Supervised Accounts for kids._ Image Courtesy/ Pixabay

The general guidelines are Explore for ages 9+, Explore More for ages 13+, and most YouTube content provides access to everything except age-restricted content. Such sensitive topics that only older teens consider to be.

This new and increasing approach allows parents to retire through all three levels of controlled YouTube Kids accounts. Before fully lifting restrictions when their children become young adults.

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Currently, Controlled Accounts are available in Early Beta for families under the age of approval. Feedback helps clear a feature before making it available to a wider audience.

Supervised Accounts Features

To take advantage of this new feature, parents will need to link their Google account to their child’s account via Family Link. This allows parents to monitor their children’s activity, approve or reject app download requests, and recommend them.

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Once set up, YouTube will ask parents to set a content restriction level. Parents can report content they think is wrong.

YouTube also plans to work with developers to develop content focused on topics such as harassment, and misinformation.

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