Friday, December 1, 2023

YouTube Gets Visual Makeover and New Features

After months of beta testing, YouTube gets new features and is ready for the public. Don’t worry, but anyway, because none of the changes is controversial. YouTube now gets new features a darker style, an Ambient Mode, and an up to date YouTube Music.

A new, much darker version of the dark theme is now available. To make the colours “pop” on your screen, the new update “makes everything darker” on mobile devices, home theatre systems, and the internet. The current grey colour will soon change to a true black colour, just like YouTube Music. The battery life of smartphones with OLED displays then did improve.

With the new Ambient Mode, you may feel more immersed while watching movies. It will change the colour of your phone’s status bar and the strip where the video’s title shows up so that they blend into the background and you can concentrate on the show. If you turn on the dark theme, Ambient Mode will work on desktops and mobile devices alike.

The update is small, but it will greatly improve YouTube’s look. This is how it will look when completes.

Also, pinch-to-zoom for videos is coming. The update will available for Android and iOS, and it will only work in landscape mode (horizontal orientation). Also, the video’s seek bar, which shows how far along it is, will soon become more accurate. You can “drag or swipe up” in the video player to see a row of thumbnails.

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Even though it is no longer red, the subscribe button will have more contrast to make it stand out and more visible in the future when many of the buttons are moved into tiny pills. YouTube annotation links will also become buttons that can click.

The update has begun to spread around the world, but it may take a few days before you see it. The YouTube blog post has more information.

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