Thursday, February 22, 2024

YouTube Flags inoffensive Chess Videos for Hate Speech

Over the years, social media platforms have tried to train their algorithms so that content that violates community guidelines and the use of racist language is automatically recognize and flag. YouTube flags against Hate speech is a very good step on this important issue.

While most of these are successful, algorithms still struggle to distinguish racist language from normal speech.

Recently, the YouTube channel with more than one million subscribers belonging to the famous Croatian chess player Antonio Radic, also known as Agadmator, has blocked by YouTube.

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Even though the channel has restored within 24 hours, YouTube did not explain why the channel blocked.

According to experts, the use of words like “black” and “white” confuses Youtube’s artificial intelligence filter.

YouTube AI Algorithms

YouTube uses a combination of artificial intelligence algorithms and human moderators to filter blocked content.

The content usually goes through an AI algorithm and then reviewed by a human moderator.

In this case, the algorithm was unable to distinguish between hate speech and normal conversation, which is why researchers now suggest that social media platforms include chess language in their algorithms to avoid incidents like this in the future.

This is not the first time Agadmator has been blocked. In June last year, he faced a similar situation when he set up a segment with Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura. The five-time champion and youngest American to win the Grandmaster title.

Ashiqur R KhudaBukhsh, a computer scientist at the Carnegie Melon Institute of Language Technology, said

“We don’t know what tools YouTube uses, but if they rely on artificial intelligence to detect racist language, such incidents could happen.”

KhudaBukhsh and colleagues conducted a study that analyzed 680,000 comments from five popular chess channels on YouTube.

They found that 82% of the comments tagged in the sample did not contain racist or hateful speech. However, because they used words like black, “white”, “attack” and “threat,” they were given the banner.

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