Friday, December 1, 2023

Yolanda Hadid revealed about giving some mental health guidance to her supermodel daughters

According to reports, Yolanda Hadid gave some insightful advice on mental health to her supermodel daughters in an interview. She said that self-care is the most important aspect of her work with Project Healthy Minds.

A new mental health tech non-profit aims to improve access to mental health services for young people. She fear for them and not just her own children but for all the youth of today who are so enamored with social media.

Yolanda has three children including two supermodel daughters are from her marriage to real estate tycoon Mohamed Hadid. She encouraged people to go for a stroll as part of World Mental Health Day celebrations at a fireside talk with Project Health Minds. Physical activity is crucial. An emphasis on healthy nutrition is something she feel strongly about.

The ex-Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member has spoken up about her personal history of mental illness. Following the passing of her mother, Hadid fell into a deep despair which led to a resurgence of her Lyme illness.

However, the former model went offline for nine months starting in the summer. She said, “I hadn’t felt that type of despair in 20 years or something, when I damaged my back 20 years ago. I hadn’t processed my emotions to this degree before.”

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