Thursday, March 23, 2023

Coke Studio’s Xulfi got a legal notice by Nirmala Maghani over copyright issue

Nirmala Maghani’s legal team handed Xulfi a legal notice of Rs. 100 million for a copyright breach connected to the song ‘Tu Jhoom‘. It has released in Coke Studio’s season 14 some days ago.

Nirmala delivered ‘Tu Mera Ranjha’ compositions in June 2021 with the hopes of landing her big break but Xulfi failed to reply. That song reappeared on Coke Studio less than a year after it has first recorded. Copyright laws prohibit you from broadcasting/uploading the music on YouTube unless you have gotten permission from creator.

The legal notice ordered Xulfi to stop utilising the music and instead requested that he get Nirmala’s written consent. ‘Tu Mera Ranjha’ was among the compositions that Nirmala Maghani gave to you over WhatsApp messenger on June 14, 2021. They were all in the form of voice notes. As a result, unless Nirmala grants you permission or licence, you must delete the song from every social media site.

On the other hand, Xulfi is a member of Coke Studio 14 has sent a statement to media in reaction to the warning.

Earlier this evening, we got a notification and our legal staff will reply to it as soon as possible. The legal procedure begun by Ms. Maghani is ongoing. We have restricted by our obligation to keep our comments brief.

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