Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Xbox Announces New Accessories For Microsoft Flight Simulator

Xbox Microsoft Flight Simulator has only been available on your computer since launch. But will be releasing on Xbox Series X|S consoles next week for the first time. To provide gamers with a more immersive experience on consoles and PC platforms while they are still playing there. Microsoft has released several new accessories that have recently been developed specifically for flight simulator games. The New Microsoft Flight Simulator accessories come from a number of manufacturers including Turtle Beach and will be released this year or next year with one of the available options.

The four controller options for Microsoft Flight Simulator featured in the Xbox Wire release are Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight, Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls XPC, Thrustmaster T.Flight Full Kit X, and Razer Turret. The newest one, the Razer Turret, is a keyboard that’s now available for $249.99. While the rest is an extended flight stick to cater to all your flight simulator needs.
Take Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flight, which Xbox-branded users will immediately recognize. This one will be available through fall 2021 and will cost $349.95 there. But has everything you need to play the game very differently than if you had a controller or mouse and keyboard.

A Realistic Flight Experience With New Accessories

The article stated, “A genuine 180-degree yoke grip with built-in steering controls at your fingertips. It also offers you accurate and lasting control of any aircraft”. And control levers allows players to customize the home flyer for an enhanced and realistic flight experience for light and heavy aircraft. VelocityOne flight control displays and authentic status indicator panels provide real-time alerts and critical flight details. It’s to keep you safe in being able to fly into the sky.
Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls XPC and Thrustmaster T.Flight Full Kit X offer similar functionality. It’s all with the latter being a new kit design to help you experience Microsoft Flight Simulator on new consoles. The Honeycomb kit will be available next year. While the Thrustmaster kit will be available on July 27 for $199.99, the same day as the game’s console release.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will also be a one-day version for Xbox Game Pass. So if you subscribe to this service, you will be able to try it out in a few days at no extra cost.

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