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Lahore Herald accepts unsolicited editorials, analyses, and news stories. Send ideas to info@lahoreherald.com.

  • It’s ideal to submit a concept before devoting time and effort, only to have it rejected afterwards.
  • We want new reporting and analysis for our premium content, but we’re also open to comments. If you want to share your thoughts with the world, try posting on Insights.
  • News pieces should be 700 words. They shouldn’t try to squeeze multiple difficult narratives into one long mainbar, but instead focus on one concept.
  • We’ll also examine compilations or series of comparable stories.
  • We prefer Word over PDF for finished content.
  • All factual claims or references should include a hyperlink or a clear citation of the source. This improves fact-checking and reader transparency.
  • Please explain in your pitch if the piece has been published before, in what language, and in which newspaper. Any payment needs newsroom approval. Non-commissioned stories won’t receive kill money.
  • We’ll only contact you if we decide to publish your work due to the overwhelming volume of submissions. If we don’t respond within three business days, feel free to submit your story elsewhere.
  • Please submit one article or pitch. If the newsroom doesn’t publish your piece, contact the Insights editor.

Note: Please contact us at info@lahoreherald.com with the subject line PR or Sponsored if you are interested in having us publish your press releases or sponsored articles.