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Women’s Day 2021: Strong Women in Pakistan’s Industry

Patriarchy is ingrained in Pakistani thought and seems to be growing no matter what. According to various studies, women in our society continue to experience violence and prejudice on a daily basis. On Women’s day, the Humanitarian Library states that 70% to 90% of women in Pakistan suffer from domestic violence.

While this includes mental, physical and sexual exploitation. The Pakistani entertainment industry is doing its part by bringing a similar case to the big screen, representing society in its true form. With that in mind, here is a list of some women who have inspired countless people to fend for themselves.

Meesha Shafi

Pakistani Singer Misha Shafi _ Photo by @meesha.shafi via Instagram

From being a confident person to fighting for her rights, Misha is a strong woman! Online reviews, harassed by locals, recently won her place among the most-viewed women by promoting sexual harassment and, according to many, also starting her own #MeToo movement in Pakistan.

Ramsha Khan

Actress Ramsha Khan _ Photo by @ramshakhanofficial via Instagram

Famous Drama ‘Ghisi Pitti Mohabbat’

Ramsha played the lead role and played Samia, who had three failed marriages in Ghisi Pitti Mohabat. In a society that humiliates a woman for failing to maintain her marital relationship. The drama is a reflection of society when we see Samia fighting and one by one thanks to her dominant father. Her character resonates with many people who can’t defend themselves. The works of Ghisi Pitti Mohabbat and Ramsha are appreciated by internet users, especially women.

Sanam Baloch

Sanam Baloch _ Photo by @thesanambaloch via Instagram

Baloch plays several characters who explain everyday subjects. In her hit series ‘Khaas‘, she plays Saba, who marries a narcissist named Amar. While Amar remains obsessed, Saba begins to question his pride. The drama depicts how a woman struggles with vulnerability and doesn’t give up, as society hopes. In conclusion, she stated that women are independent and should not depend on men.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

Oscar Winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy _ Photo by @theexpress via Pinterest

Director as well as journalist Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, an avid activist and voice of millions, has highlighted the struggles of women in rural Pakistan in her acclaimed documentary. Obaid-Chinoy, who won an Oscar for “Girl in the River” and was even included in Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People list. Not only that, she is also behind the famous animation franchise 3 Bahadur. In total, she has won two Oscars and two Emmy awards for her journalism work.

Sania Saeed

Sania Saeed _ Photo by @khalidsiddiqui via Pinterest

Saeed played the key role and played Shehnaz. An unhappy mother who lost her daughter to sexual assault and murder. This drama depicts a real life case where the community tries to imprison the victim and her family and focuses on the struggle for justice in a male dominated society. Finally, Shehnaz tried to do justice to her daughter and many people who lost their daughter. The drama is considered to be one of the best based on Saeed’s heart-breaking performance alone.

We all celebrate Women’s day every year but their rights are not address yet.

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