Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Women of Sindh People’s Lawyers Forum demand PM’s resignation

The Sindh People’s Lawyers Forum urged Prime Minister Imran Khan’s resignation on Monday. The PLF team lead by Rizwana Memon lawyer told reporters that the masses are suffering under the PTI-led government.

It failed to provide justice, relief, and jobs to the masses, she claimed, and the country was in economic and political crisis. She blamed the rulers’ bad policies for the people’s misery. According to her, the PTI government promised the IMF a $6 billion loan in 2019. She claimed the country now had to follow IMF rules.

Rizwana said the current IMF-government arrangement was a disaster. Because the government had failed to collect taxes, the IMF requested higher fuel and energy rates. She says the PM can’t run the system. She stated that poverty forces parents to pull their kids out of school and send them to work. She warned hunger loomed huge in the country.

She stated Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is the sole chance for Pakistan’s disenfranchised and impoverished, and Imran must step aside for a new face to lead the country. She said the PTI administration had been in charge for nearly three years and had done nothing for Pakistan.

She added 24% of college graduates and 40% of educated women are unemployed. Others like Yasmin Chachar and Alia Baloch criticised the government’s policies. They backed Saraiki province and alleged the administration lied about creating it in 100 days.

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