Monday, December 4, 2023

Woman kidnaps newborn baby from Lahore General Hospital

An infant has been taken from the nursery of the Lahore General Hospital by a woman who has not been identified, and she was able to get away with it.

According to the details, the woman is said to have deceived the baby’s mother in order to take the newborn and then run away.

The woman can be seen on the CCTV footage the taking newborn child from the mother and running off in the opposite direction.

In the meantime, the Medical Superintendent (MS) of the Lahore General Hospital, Dr. Khalid, stated to the journalists that the newborn baby was kidnapped owing to the neglect of the parents.

Dr. Khalid asserted that the newborn infant was delivered to the family as soon as possible following the delivery. He went on to say that “a woman who couldn’t be identified urged the baby’s mother to prepare milk and that she would take care of the newborn.”

The Medical Superintendent stated that the unidentified woman had the newborn baby for some time before fleeing the hospital while accusing the parents of passing the baby over to an unidentified woman. The woman had blamed the parents for handing the newborn baby over to an unidentified woman.

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An infant who had just been born was taken from a private hospital in the Gulberg neighborhood of Karachi earlier in the month of April. According to the police report, a woman told the family that she was going to take the baby boy to an intensive care unit (ICU). However, when the family went to check on the kid, the woman was nowhere to be found.

After receiving the information, a police team went to the hospital where they immediately began an inquiry into the incident. Three staff members from the medical center were detained for questioning after being brought into custody. The baby was taken by two women, as seen on the CCTV  camera.

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