Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Who is the girl behind the viral video “Pawri Horahi Hai” and why are Pakistanis crazy about her?

Thus, there is a video of a young lady making adjusts via online media in which she can be seen traveling in the northern territory of Pakistan while saying “Yeh hamari pawri horahi hai.” Not just has the video turned into a web sensation yet Internet has been flooding with different images, with a couple of entertainments of the video made by celebs and clients. 

Pakistanis are going insane over the young lady’s video since it clearly portrays the ‘burger’ individuals of our general public. This viral young lady is absolutely similar to no other. One of the most joyful, loaded with energy, great, vigorous, and entertaining young ladies we have gone over as of late! All in all, who right? 

The young lady behind the viral video is an influencer on Instagram, just as a substance maker. Dananeer, additionally called Geena, hails from Peshawar and dwells in Islamabad. She frequently makes video imitating the ‘burgers’. 

Who are these burger individuals, you inquire? Fundamentally, an exclusive class of Pakistanis who prevalently have embraced Urdu as their first language. Notwithstanding, they profess to not know or feel embarrassed to communicate in their mom language. 

Various individuals have reproduced her Dananeer’s video “yeh hamari pawri horahi hai”, and the young lady is adoring the new pattern she has set! To such an extent that she has a different feature for it on her Instagram. 

Here is the viral video 

Saba Qamar and Aijaz Aslam take the viral test 

Haha! Is it safe to say that you aren’t all simply adoring the young lady’s vibe? A particularly lively young lady, brimming with buoyant energy! What about you – have you reproduced this video yet? It sure appears to be enjoyable.

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