Thursday, June 1, 2023

While breastfeeding, Teresa Palmer’s skin creeps

The “skin crawls” of Teresa Palmer as she’s breastfeeding. The 35-year-old actress is due to be born in a couple of weeks to her fourth baby, and admitted that it is difficult for some breastfeeding mothers to feed her two-year-old Poet right now because she is facing “sweeping aversions” — in which some mother feels negative and intrusive when she is latched and suckling.

In Episode 3 of her ‘Zeen Mama’ virtual book tour, she said that: “When I’m pregnant I’m undergoing an abnormal averting of the nipple, and when I’m nursing it, I feel like my skin’s crawling sometimes, but I know they’re so comfortable. If I can only push through, my milk comes back because it is so comfortable.

The ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ star just greeted her fourth kid with the go ahead of her home birth and is over the moon, since she and her husband Mark Webber are looking forward to welcoming her three children – Bodhi, the 7, the Forest, the 4 and the Poet – in the world.

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