Friday, December 1, 2023

When will reopen petrol pumps

Officials from the Petroleum Dealers Association claim that there are approximately 400 pumps in Lahore, with approximately 90 percent of them closed as a result of the strike, which will continue until the demands of the association are fulfilled.

According to Khawaja Atif, Secretary Information of the Petroleum Dealers Association, speaking during a press conference in Lahore, “We had called a strike on the 5th.” Is.

The CEO, Khawaja Atif, stated that with the existing profit margin, it has become tough for us to conduct business.

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The Secretary of Information further stated that the entire Pakistan Petroleum Association has not accepted the contract to operate, that the Oil Tankers Association and our association are different, and that we are currently in the negative.

“The city of Lahore consumes approximately 3 million liters of gasoline and diesel every day. We shall not begin doing business until our requirements have been met. We’d like to get rid of the license. Eighty percent of our community opposes the establishment of this enterprise,” he stated.

This was the occasion when the president of the Petrol Pumps Association stated that all of the associations had agreed to go on strike at the same time.

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