Thursday, February 22, 2024

WhatsApp will switch off Users Messages who reject the New terms and conditions

Despite all the reactions and the loss of a large number of users, WhatsApp will continue to force users to accept their new terms even if they feel their privacy has been compromised.

The company released a new announcement informing its users that WhatsApp will switch off Users Messages those who did not receive the updated terms before May 15 will not be able to receive or send messages.

Not only that, this user account listed as “inactive” and any inactive accounts can be deleted after 120 days. the company said in a message on the latest blog.

For now, calls and notifications will continue for a short time. But TechCrunch says it will likely only last “a few weeks”.

The first announcement of a new privacy policy made by the communications giant in January. He announced that the company would now share some limited user data with Facebook and the companies in its group.

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The company already shares some information with Facebook, including users’ IP addresses and purchases made through the platform. However, this is not the case in Europe and the United Kingdom, which have different data protection laws.

The new privacy policy created huge disappointment around the worldwide its users. So some users turning to compete for apps such as Telegram and Signal, among others.

This helpout WhatsApp to suspend the launch of the new policy until May. They made it clear that the update considered to allow users to interact with the company rather than affect face-to-face conversations.

The company also previously said it would continue to update its privacy policy. But would allow users to read it “at their own pace,” and would also display banners with additional information.

The company will remind users to review and receive updates to keep using the messaging platform.

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