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WhatsApp Banned 1.75 Million Suspicious Indian accounts in November

WhatsApp is a social networking platform. As of November 2021, the firm said in its compliance report that it has cancelled more over 17.5 lakh Indian accounts while also receiving 602 complaints within that time period. During this period, the messaging network said that 17,59,000 Indian WhatsApp accounts were closed, according to its most recent reporting. A phone number with the prefix +91 is used to identify the Indian account, according to the research.

“In accordance with the Information Technology Rules 2021, we have issued our sixth monthly report for the month of November,” a WhatsApp spokeswoman stated. This user-safety report contains information on user complaints and the steps taken by WhatsApp in response to such complaints, as well as actions taken by WhatsApp itself.

WhatsApp statement on Banning Indian Accounts

According to the spokeswoman, more than 17.5 lakh accounts were banned from WhatsApp in November. In a previous statement, the Facebook-owned firm stated that over 95 percent of the limitations were brought about by the improper use of automated or mass messaging (spam).

In November, the tech giant Google received 26,087 complaints from users, on the basis of which 61,114 pieces of content were deleted from the site. This information was provided by the corporation in its monthly transparency report, which was issued on Friday. In addition to user complaints, Google deleted 3,75,468 pieces of content from its servers in November 2021 based on automatic identification technology.

In November, the business got 24,569 complaints from individual consumers residing in India, according to the company’s statistics. In response to these complaints, the firm deleted 48,594 pieces of information from its platform and 3,84,509 pieces of content on its own initiative.

This information has been provided by the US-based corporation in accordance with Indian information technology guidelines that were imposed on May 26. Google reported in its latest report that the company received 26,087 complaints from individual users in India through its system during the month of November (November 1, 2021 – November 30, 2021), and that the company took 61,114 removal actions as a result of these complaints.

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