Tuesday, February 27, 2024

WhatsApp: Preview Voice Messages Before Sending

With WhatsApp voice communications, the difficulty is that speaking on the spot may result in messages that have loaded with “umms” and “uhhhs,” which may cause messages to be needlessly longer than necessary. Users of WhatsApp may be glad to discover that the firm has announced an upgrade. And this upgrade to the function in the most recent version of the programme, which is available now.

User’s will now able to preview their voice messages before they have delivered, as stated in a tweet on WhatsApp’s Twitter account. Normally, you would have to press and hold the record button for a few seconds. And occasionally you might mistakenly transmit a message that you believe could have framed or conveyed more effectively in a different way.

Instead of having to delete what you’ve just recorded, the new feature will allow you to see it. And decide if you want to transmit it or if you want to go back and redo it. In actuality, it’s a really helpful feature, especially for individuals who communicate mostly through audio messages on WhatsApp. If you’re one of those people, then this could be something that you can look forward to in the latest update to the programme.

It’s true that WhatsApp is not the only programme that allows for the sending of audio messages. But the addition of this feature makes it a more compelling reason to use it. Unless, of course, you’re unhappy with the fact that it’s owned by the Meta Corporation.

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