Saturday, December 2, 2023

WhatsApp is Getting a Big Update with Telegram-Like Features

WhatsApp is working to keep its users following recent changes in their privacy settings. Now he is working on introducing some new features. Whereas WhatsApp is Getting a Big Update which will be like telegram app.

After launching several new privacy-focused features, users can log out of apps on the platform. According to a recently released WA Beta info report.

The report explains that an exit option is now available for the new beta version of WhatsApp. New options are available for both iOS and Android app versions.

Currently, users only have two options to get leeway from the application. You can delete the app or silence its notifications.

As a result, many users want an opt-out feature that allows them to opt out of the app like any other social media platform.

This is of particular concern to those who are constantly receiving and sending messages to platforms and business accounts.

WA Beta info detailed,

WhatsApp is in process of creating two different types of multi-device with WhatsApp Web features where you can use WhatsApp Web without your phone connected to the Internet. Multi-device with all other devices where you’ll connect up to 4 different devices to your main WhatsApp account.”

WhatsApp is getting a big update and removed the option to delete the account. The “Delete Account” button will most likely be replaced with an option to exit the connected device interface from the application.

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