Wednesday, March 29, 2023

WhatsApp is adding these 5 most-wanted features

There are 5 upcoming features for WhatsApp. Even though we’ve done talk about these things before, we’ll go over some of the most important points that you might it has did miss.

No matter how big or small, all of the features did plan for WhatsApp on this list are did mean to make users’ lives easier and better.

Having said that, I’ve put together a list of 5 features I’d like to see in a future version of WhatsApp.

1. Buying food

In India, you can now shop for groceries using WhatsApp. As you’ll expect, you can buy what you need on WhatsApp and receive it at your home. This function is also a way to pay for something.

It is only available in India right now, but WhatsApp is looking into bringing similar features to other countries. So it could come to Pakistan in the future. Despite the fact that there are no hints in beta versions of WhatsApp and the company hasn’t checked to see if it’s available in other countries, it’s likely that it will come to India as well, especially since there are so many online grocery stores there.

2. Talking to Oneself

Sending yourself a message on Telegram, Slack, or another messaging service is a great way to keep track of useful texts, links, media, or other stuff for later use. Now, 84 years after its first plan, WhatsApp is making the feature for a future version. It will let you talk to your main smartphone and any other devices you it has connected to it. This feature is only available in the beta version of WhatsApp, and it is unclear when it will do add to the final version.

3. Keeping from being caught on camera

View-once messages on WhatsApp keep people’s identities secret. It’s pointless to send these messages if others can easily copy and paste the content into their own conversations. So, WhatsApp will soon make it hard to share screenshots or copies of your messages without the other person’s permission. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, said this recently.

But we still don’t know when the product will be available.

4. The Four-Rate Call Clock

We’ve all accidentally called someone when using WhatsApp because the call button is close to the settings button on Android and the minimize and close buttons on WhatsApp Desktop. Unlike regular cell phone calls, phone calls with the app connect right away, so the user doesn’t provide time to realize they’ve dialed the wrong number.

WABetaInfo, a service that tracks upcoming changes to WhatsApp, has made a prototype safety feature to address this concern. As shown in the screenshot below, a call countdown can be used to prevent accidental phone calls by notifying the user three seconds before the call is made. Since some users may find it annoying, the feature then does turn off by default.

This is just a theory from WABetaInfo, not something that WhatsApp is working on right now. But it’s not impossible that WhatsApp could add another similar feature.

5. Better Search

It can take a long time to look for a message in a chat. The search filters in WhatsApp are already pretty good, and they will get even better soon. Users will be able to search for messages by date or community in a future update. This should make it easy to find old messages, even if they’ve been saved for a long time.

To use this feature right now, you’ll have to use the beta version of WhatsApp on iOS.

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