Wednesday, November 29, 2023

WhatsApp Introduces new Feature for Android and iOS Users to Import Third-Party Sticker Packs

After a long wait, WhatsApp offers the option to import third-party sticker packs on the Android and iOS platforms. WhatsApp feature for Android and iOS users to make them able to import third party Stickers packs in the Application.

Well, the app has supported third-party sticker packs for a while but it’s limited to users who create their own stickers using compatible apps. After creating stickers with third-party applications, users can import them into the instant messaging platform.

According to a recent report by WABetaInfo, the feature is now official in select markets such as Brazil, India and Indonesia.

It says that other countries will receive support for importing third-party sticker packs on Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

Third-Party Sticker Support

Users of iOS version 2:21:40 and Android beta version 2: 21: 5: 6 can use a feature that allows them to import packages with third-party stickers. It is currently being sold on app stores and consumers will be able to get it in a few days.

How to import Third-Party Sticker Packs

Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store offer a variety of sticker apps. WhatsApp fans note that they can use the Sticker Maker app to create their own stickers.

It is interesting because it allows users to create stickers they like. Animated stickers and plain text stickers can also made with the latest update of the Sticker Maker app.

In addition, users can create stickers using images or videos from the Gallery application.

Sticker Maker confirmed that WhatsApp has the ability to import custom sticker packs. He notes that if you can’t add stickers to WhatsApp, you will have to wait for the latest updates to appear on your smartphone.

Based on WhatsApp’s official guidelines, users can import images or animated sticker packs. Importing sticker packs with static and animated stickers can cause problems.

In addition, each sticker pack must contain a minimum of three stickers. If you want to add third-party sticker packs to WhatsApp, you need to consider these aspects.

If you are using the Sticker Packs application for this purpose, you will need to open the application and select a name for the sticker pack. Now add an image or animated sticker to the package.

You can change the sticker size in the app. Now publish the sticker pack which the app will convert into a webp file. After that it can be easily imported into WhatsApp.

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