Wednesday, November 29, 2023

WhatsApp will Soon Launch Feature to Share High Quality Video

WhatsApp is working on several things to improve the user experience. The latest feature reportedly working on WhatsApp allows users to choose the quality of a video before sending it to their contacts. WhatsApp also has some limitations to send the high quality videos.

High-quality videos sent via WhatsApp often compress and sent as documents. Here, messaging apps with RCS capabilities take precedence over WhatsApp as they clearly allow users to send high-quality videos.

Wabetainfo Statement on WhatsApp Video Quality

“After WhatsApp beta waveform was released for Android WhatsApp decided to download the feature to add some fixes and improvements before enabling it further. As you may know, waveform will replace the search progress bar, but not only that. WhatsApp currently develop another feature that uses sound waveforms!. This feature is known in a future WhatsApp update. is therefore not yet publicly available,” wrote the Wabetainfo report.

There are three options including Automatic, Best Quality, and Data Saver. The first is an explanation. WhatsApp will automatically find the best compression algorithm for a particular video.

If you choose the second option, WhatsApp will always send you the highest quality video available. The option to save data means WhatsApp will compress the video before sending. If data storage enable in your Android settings.

This feature is under development and will be available in a future update. However, WhatsApp expect to release it soon.

Also, WhatsApp recently released a photo removal feature for beta users. The Facebook-owned company calls this feature “Look.” When you share a photo with someone, it disappears as soon as the recipient opens it and leaves the chat. The feature is currently available for WhatsApp Android users.

You can send lost photos by simply selecting a photo from the gallery. You will then see a clock-like icon that you need to tap on to send the missing photo.

The app will show an icon near the bar to add subtitles. You can then send the missing photos to your friends and family.

Another feature that WhatsApp has observed to develop is real-time waveforms in voice messages. WhatsApp tracker shows that WhatsApp now displays sound waves in real time when you record a new voice message.

Voicemail waveforms activated

WhatsApp has temporarily activated the voicemail waveform. When you record a voice message, you will see a real-time waveform. This feature found in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android. This feature is currently under development.

It’s reported that WhatsApp offers these three options to choose the quality of the video before sharing. It includes automatic mode, best quality, and data saving. In automatic mode, WhatsApp will automatically find the best compression algorithm to compress videos.

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The best quality option, as the name suggests, allows the users to share the highest quality videos while the data save option helps the users to share the highly compressed videos with their contacts.

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