Friday, December 1, 2023

WhatsApp Communities Released to Boost Groups with New Features

WhatsApp Communities let you bring all of your different groups together in one place. After staying in beta for a while, WhatsApp Communities are now ready for everyone to use. This makes it easier to create well-defined discussion forums to talk about specific issues or needs. This new feature already does test since the beginning of this year.

The main goal of online WhatsApp communities is to make it easier for private groups like clubs, schools, and businesses to talk to each other and work together. If you belong to several work-related groups, you can now see them all in one place and easily switch between them.

In communities, the most important announcements may get made in one group, and discussion will be limited to smaller subgroups that the administrator has did approve. So, members will get spam emails from groups with nothing to do with them.

With communities, the messaging app can now handle more users, bigger file transfers, emoji reactions to consumer content, and even polls to find out what users think. There is end-to-end encryption and the ability to make groups with up to 1024 people.

It’s important to remember that when this feature starts to roll out, it won’t exclusive to Communities.

Communities and Facebook Groups are similar in a lot of ways. For example, both let you make sub-groups, share files, and give people more administrative rights. Because WhatsApp is more based on phone numbers, people who already know each other in person are more likely to use WhatsApp Communities than Facebook Groups.

The Community in general may not see private information like phone numbers. Only administrators and people in the same subgroup may become able to see them.

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People are not able to see WhatsApp Communities, but Facebook Groups are easy to find. You have to be asked to join this group before you can join. Administrators can bring in groups that already exist.

WhatsApp Communities may become available on Android and iOS phones around the world in the next few weeks.

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