Monday, December 11, 2023

WhatsApp won’t Limit App Features if You don’t Accept the Policy

WhatsApp has announced that it will not restrict user accounts in India for not accepting a privacy policy. The company made the statement (via LiveMint) in response to a request from the Government of India. The request is to suspend its controversial privacy policy for violating Indian law.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp said it would not limit functionality for users who did not accept the new privacy policy. This took effect on May 15.

The Facebook platform itself, which filed suit against the Indian government in Delhi’s Supreme Court over the “traceability” of the chat. He continued its controversial privacy policy on May 15. Saying that those who do not accept the new changes will have limited functionality to be seen in the coming weeks.

In a statement to The Next Web on Saturday, WhatsApp said it would not limit functionality even if users had not accepted the policy.

“In light of recent discussions with various data protection authorities and experts. We would like to make it clear that we currently have no plans to limit WhatsApp’s functionality to those who have not received updates,” WhatsApp said.

WhatsApp has spread its privacy policy all over the world, including India which has more than 400 million users.

Users’ Reaction after WhatsApp Policy

While many were unhappy with the changes. WhatsApp said that “the majority of users who accepted the new terms of use accepted them”. However, competing apps like Telegram reported an influx of new users shortly after the rules were announced.

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WhatsApp is now also facing failure in Germany after the country tried to block the new policy. If Germany finds the update illegal, it could block the new policy for three months. Facebook is considering rejecting the order.

On May 25, WhatsApp announced that it would not restrict consumer accounts in India for not accepting the policy.

The announcement came in response to a request by the Indian Government. Th announcement is to end its controversial privacy policy for violating Indian law.

WhatsApp claims that its new policy will only affect users who interact with the company. The private messages will remain safe.

“We hope this approach will empower all consumers, whether they want to interact with a company or not.”

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Due to initial confusion surrounding the announcement of a new privacy policy. WhatsApp tried to assuage user concerns about the type of data they would share with other companies that are owned by Facebook.

Even after ensuring that business-focused updates and consumer communications will remain private and secure. There is news for users leaving WhatsApp at its peak in favor of competing platforms.

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