Monday, September 25, 2023

Western alliance has failed Pakistan : PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja

According to Ramiz Raja, head of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), “the Western bloc” has let Pakistan down, and the recent withdrawals of New Zealand and England from the World Cup could have a “domino impact” on cricket in the South Asian country.

England stated on Monday that their teams’ impending trip to Pakistan would be postponed in order to preserve the “emotional and physical well-being” of their players.

Because of a security notice issued by New Zealand’s national security service, the team was forced to cancel their visit just minutes before the opening match in Rawalpindi on Friday.

“I am quite saddened by England’s departure,” says Raja, who took over as PCB president earlier this month. “However, it was expected because this Western bloc gets united badly and attempts to back each other.” Raja expressed his displeasure at England’s decision to withdraw from the tournament in a video published by the PCB.

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