Monday, September 25, 2023

We agree to negotiate with the Taliban, but will fight to the death : Ahmad Massoud

In northern Afghanistan, the anti-Taliban organization said it was prepared to talk but is also ready for long-term resistance.

A National Resistor spokesperson informed foreign media around 9000 soldiers in the Panjshir Valley, north-eastern Kabul, that Ahmed Shah Massoud’s son and politicians Ahmed Massoud have raised.

Ahmed Masood told a London newspaper in a separate interview that his movement was prepared to talk, but ready to protect the last guy. “We are ready for political discussions to create a complete administration with the Taliban.”

But what we cannot allow is the creation of an extremist Afghan administration that would seriously threaten not just Afghanistan, but also the region and the globe.

Previously, Taliban spokesperson Mohammad talked to BBC Persians “It is through force or discussion that we will resolve the Panjshir question,” Naeem stated.

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