Monday, May 29, 2023

Wasim Akram Reacts to Shoaib Akhtar’s On-Air Insult

Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar, two former Pakistani pacers, were once regarded as some of the world’s best fast bowlers, but their careers have come to an end. During their playing careers, both bowlers were superb, and they established a fearsome tandem for Pakistan that lasted for many years.

The friendship between the two bowlers, it appears, has soured in recent months, as both of them have been throwing shots at each other on social media platforms. Earlier this month, Akhtar spoke with a private news media source, in which he discussed Wasim Akram’s double standards and his unfavorable mentorship.

Shoaib expressed himself as follows: “Wasim Akram constantly tells about how he caught me in a ‘club,’ so when someone asks if he has ever taken me to the gym, Wasim responds affirmatively. Wasim himself has spent a significant amount of time in nightclubs, so what’s the big deal if I go to a club once or twice? Whatever I learned throughout my cricketing days, I picked up from watching the seniors, who were all out having a good time. If I had had the help of more experienced individuals, such as Imran Khan, the outcome would have been different.”

The war of words between the two men continued when Wasim Akram was invited to take part in a call-in segment on another show on a private news channel. Wasim was asked about his thoughts on Akhtar’s assertion that he “would not take on a job within the PCB until it is the chairman post” by the show’s host, Waseem Badami. Wasim responded positively.

Wasim responded with a scathing remark, stating that the PCB should then replace their chairman. It was he who said, “I’m not sure why so many people take Shoaib Akhtar’s statements so seriously. If a person lacks tameez (good manners), he or she has no understanding of life.”

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