Monday, December 11, 2023

Vladimir Putin signs legislation that could keep him in power until 2036

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed legislation Monday that allows him to stay in power until 2036.

The move formalizes constitutional amendments approved in last year’s ballot. The July 1 constitutional vote included a provision to restore Putin’s previous term, allowing him to run for two more times for president.

The changes were stamped by the Kremlin-controlled legislature, and the law signed by Putin was posted on the official legal information portal on Monday. The 68-year-old Russian president, who has been in power for more than two decades – longer than any other Kremlin leader since Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin – has announced that he will then decide whether to run again in 2024 if the current one. ending his six-year period.

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He argued that restoring the number of terms was necessary to prevent his lieutenants from “seeking successors” rather than ordinary jobs. “The constitutional amendments also emphasize the priority of Russian law over international norms, prohibit same-sex marriage and call” belief in God “a central value.

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