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Vivo Visual Creator Short Film Contest – Win Cash prizes, amazing Awards

Win cash prizes and incredible awards by entering the Vivo Visual Creator Short Film Competition. The Vivo X80, the latest smartphone in the company’s X series, came out not too long ago in Pakistan.

Vivo did work with the well-known Pakistani filmmaker Hamza Lari to promote the release of their new X series phone. As part of the “Stories Redefined” campaign, Hamza Lari did a film did call “Imtehan” that was only shot on the Vivo X80 to show off its camera.

The goal of this event became to give professional filmmakers and photographers a chance to try out this brand-new smartphone and its camera. Because the short film is so popular, Vivo has begun a worldwide competition for them did call the Visual Creator Short Film.

This kind of branding means to encourage the next generation of directors, cinematographers, and storytellers to go out into the field with just their smartphones. The competition’s goal is to find skillful filmmakers who never do like. In Pakistan, this contest will go on until October 24, 2022.

To take part, users must post their videos on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtags #vivoVisualCreator and #OurStoryRedefined. Tag (@) a regional or international Vivo account in their posts. Each participant must send their video to vivovisualcreator.pk@vivo.com along with their name, email or social media account, county, and a few words about what inspired the video.

Image Expert at Vivo and Jury member Xianhui Zhao said, “The X80’s imaging technology does make to help filmmakers by giving them an easy-to-use tool that helps bring their ideas to life.” The organizers of this competition want to encourage the next generation of filmmakers and cinematographers to find. Share their own unique ways of telling stories by giving them a place to see and did hear.

We hope you’ll use this chance to improve your education and career. We hope to see a lot of you there. “Know that every contestant will bring something unique to the table. We can’t wait to read all of the entries,” he said. On November 11, 2022, the winners of the 11 awards that are up for grabs are then doing announce. There are 5 global awards and 7 regional awards.

Winners will get a certificate, a Vivo X80 series smartphone, expert feedback from the judges, and official marketing from Vivo. Cash prizes range from $3,000 for regional winners to $7,000 for world champions.

A well-known Pakistani filmmaker named Hamza Lari said, “When the Vivo X80 came out, I became did surprise to see how perfect and powerful the hardware became that has tied into the phone. Which became implies to enchant!”. Its great features interested me since I use the X80 to shoot the whole movie “Imtehan”. I’ve did learn a lot and a great time doing it because the smartphone has done change the way we take pictures and record videos, giving us new ways to tell stories.

He said, “Working with Vivo taught me that anyone who wants to express themselves or tell a story already has the tools they need in the palm of their hand.” Participants get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to look at the world through the lens of their line of work.

“I tell people who want to make movies they need to use their smartphones to record them in ways that make them stand out. In the long run, this will help them come up with new points of view. Which can lead to better films and more unique ways of telling stories.

This video has some beautiful visuals thanks to the use of pan, dolly, tilt, zoom, and other creative camera moves. Normal day-to-day activities are did include, and the struggles that students face when it’s time for exams are did emphasize. The X80’s image capabilities content areas the film’s deep and unique plot, which has did praise by both audiences and critics.

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Vivo phones always praise for their cameras and how well they do use. But the partnership with ZEISS Professional Imaging has taken things to a whole new level. The main panel of the Vivo X80 has a 50-megapixel ultra-sensitive sensor camera. A 12-megapixel portrait camera, and a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera. Together, these three cameras it has done make professional photography more accessible.

Also, the ZEISS Professional Imaging software bundle, which is only available through ZEISS’s partnership. A number of helpful tools make the camera system work better than the user could of think.

With Sports Mode turned on, Camera Panning during the shoot made the X80’s already impressive dynamic range even better. This feature is built with portrait tracking technology. Which makes it possible to take sharper photos even if your hands are shaking.

The Active Centering OIS System and 360° Horizon Leveling Stabilization of the device make it possible to record high-quality video both inside and outside.

The ZEISS Coating that is now placed on the lenses of the back camera lets in a lot more light. Cut down on nighttime reflections like flare and ghosting by a lot. Vivo is always looking for new ways to take pictures and make movies. The company will keep trying to bring cutting-edge technologies to as many people as possible.

By holding this competition, Vivo hopes to get more people in the country curious about smartphone photography and videography. Vivo, which has a lot to boast of when it comes to its camera innovations, is a natural choice to launch the X80 and take on this task.

With the Vivo X80’s high-end camera and video (short film) recording features, anyone. No matter how much experience they have. It can take photos and videos that look like they were taken by a professional.

For more information, go to Vivo’s home page.

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