Monday, December 4, 2023

Vivo donate Rs.10 million to flood victims in Pakistan

Vivo always does tell us to donate to the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund for 2022. This is in addition to the millions of dollars that tech giants Apple and Google gave to help people in Pakistan who are still by the recent flooding. Every day, more international businesses are helping Pakistan.

Vivo Pakistan has plans to donate Rs.10 million to help the people of Pakistan who are still struggling after the recent flood.

The phone maker tweeted the following:

Come with me as we ride out the storm. We want our neighbors in Pakistan to know that we care about them and are willing to help them through the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund 2022.

We feel bad for the people of Pakistan who are affected by the recent flooding. Hope that more phone companies will follow Vivo’s lead and donate to the relief efforts. So far, no other mobile provider besides Apple has comments or given feedback. Companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme, and Samsung that have a big presence in Pakistan can do a lot to help flood victims.

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In a similar way, the government of Pakistan is already helping people all over the country. The deadly earthquake in Pakistan has affected these people. Last week, the government of KP made a new app that is capable of functioning as a 911 right away. At the same time, the Punjabi government set up a fundraising page for flood victims. A new hotline is available to report flood-related injuries or deaths (911).

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