Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Prince Andrew reportedly planning to accuse Virginia Giuffre of sex trafficking

According to reports, Prince Andrew had planned to accuse Ms. Virginia Giuffre of sex trafficking in the past. However, because it has the potential to be the royals’ downfall, this proposition carries a very high danger of failure.

The goal of their ruse is to keep Prince Andrew’s attorneys from having to pay out a large sum of money. It will link Ms. Virginia Giuffre to the criminal enterprise of sex trafficking and make her a candidate for the unclean hands defence.

However, in the event that Prince Andrew fails to defend himself in his sexual assault case, bailiffs may confiscate assets from his £30 million house, according to an attorney. Virginia has sought a restraining order against Prince. “I was coerced into having sexual relations with him by his rich buddy Epstein,” she said in her statement. She was only 17 years old at the time.

If the matter proceeded to trial and Virginia will victorious, she will be able to acquire any of Andrew’s property. She has the authority to execute on Andrew’s properties in any foreign country that recognises the jurisdiction of the USA.

Prince Andrew has categorically denied each and every one of the allegations levelled against him in the sexual assault lawsuit.

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