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Villagers kill crocodile in revenge for eating goat

The locals in Sindh’s Mirpurkhas area are said to have killed a crocodile on Tuesday after it ate one of their goats, according to reports.

Following an attack on their goat, the people of Mureed Khan Marri, a village located on Khaan Road, about 12 kilometers from the city of Mirpurkhas, shot and killed a crocodile, according to the report.

“We killed a crocodile with an axe after it [the reptile] attacked and ate our goat in the village,” a local revealed.

villagers transferring the reptile to another village in order to receive a reward from the landlord, as can be seen in the video.

The authorities of the provincial wildlife department expressed their dissatisfaction with the killing of a crocodile and urged that an investigation be launched immediately.

In a similar event that occurred in Sindh last year, panicked locals opened fire on a crocodile that had infiltrated their homes after emerging from a pond in Jacobabad. The crocodile was killed as a result of the fire.

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A massive lizard emerged from a pond and made its way into the homes of the locals, causing widespread terror and horror among them. Because of their fear, the villagers have promptly relocated to a safe spot in order to avoid being attacked by the snake.

The villagers opened fire on the crocodile after spotting it in a certain location.

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