Friday, December 1, 2023

Vikram Gokhale’s family denies rumours of his death

ANI just confirmed the actor’s survival. Veteran actor Vikram Gokhale is on life support, ANI said. Still alive. Vikram Gokhale’s daughter says, “Keep praying.”

Vrushali Gokhle, Vikram’s wife, told ETimes he’s alive. “He fell into a coma yesterday and hasn’t responded to touch since. Ventilator-dependent. Tomorrow morning, doctors will determine what to do based on his condition,¬†
Vrushali Gokhale said Vikram Gokhale has been hospitalised since November 5. “He improved, then regressed.” He’s had heart and kidney problems. “He has multiple organ failure,” she explained.
The Press Trust of India reported the actor’s hospitalisation on Wednesday.

Doctors say veteran film, TV, and stage actor Vikram Gokhale has health difficulties.

Doctors wouldn’t say anything and said that Gokhale’s family would let them know what was going on, PTI reported.

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