Thursday, March 30, 2023

Video of Sahir Ali Bagga pausing his concert for Call to Prayer going viral on social media

On social media, a video of the musician Sahir Ali Bagga has gone viral. A veteran of Pakistan’s music business, Sahir Ali Bagga has been involved in the industry for than a decade and is well-known in his own nation.

He is widely regarded as one of Pakistan’s most outstanding vocalists, musicians, and songwriters, and he has performed all over the world as a result of this reputation. Many well-known Pakistani songs, such as “To Salamat Watan,” have been recorded and composed by him, as has been the case with numerous other songs throughout his career.

Recently, a video of Sahir Ali Baga playing at a concert became viral on social media after it was shared by a fan of the singer who was inspired to share it. However, he instantly halted his performance in response to the call to prayer, and he requested that everyone else in the audience do the same as he did.

Additionally, Sahir Ali Bagga reminded his teammates who were present on stage that the call to prayer had not yet been finish. Increasingly popular on social media sites such as YouTube, Sahir Ali Baga’s videos are getting more well known these days.

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