Friday, December 1, 2023

Victoria Beckham fears David over World Cup scandal

Victoria Beckham wants David Beckham to clear his name amid the Qatar World Cup drama.

The fashion designer doesn’t want David to become “public enemy number one” as opposition to his ambassador job heats up.

David is unfazed by controversy. According to a source, the Qatar controversy is unique and jeopardising friendships. There may be fights.

Victoria is terrified about David becoming “public enemy number one,” a source said. “She is concerned that they did something wrong.”

The insider also said that Posh Spice is worried about losing the support of her fans, especially in the gay community.

Victoria “knows David isn’t doing it for money, but for football.”

The insider added that the former Manchester United great “sees the sport as a constructive force.”

Victoria Beckham wants him to explain his participation. The source said that silence makes them look guilty.

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