Monday, December 4, 2023

Usman Mirza Was Arrested by Islamabad Police For Abusing a woman

After a horrifying video showed him abusing and stripping a lady and a guy on social media, the police apprehended a suspect from Islamabad. It appeared on Wednesday.

The incident occurred in an apartment building inside Golra police station boundaries in sector E-11/2 according to FIR recorded on 6 July. The case was recorded with a sub inspector’s complaint.

“The event was virally shown in social media. In the video, the victims can be kept under custody by five to six guys. The person charged with it also stripped the guy and the female naked while threatening them,” says the FIR.

Video footage depicts a gang of guys with arms commanded by Usman, who threaten men and women with bodily violence and compel them into sex.

Section 354-A, section 506 (criminal intimidations), section 341 (penalties for unlawful retention), and section 509 (sexual harassments) of the Pakistan Penal Code recorded this case. This case is subject to a report by the Penal Code of Pakistan.

“The violent video of a lady and a man has virtualized social media. Police in Islamabad utilized all the resources promptly to arrest, register, and begin legal proceedings in a few hours, “said Islamabad Police.

Islamabad Vice-Commissar Hamza Shafqat has claimed that following police efforts, the perpetrator was caught. “He also arrests his accomplices. Once again, the recordings showing the victims should be deleted “He said it. He said it.

The deputy committee member said hours later that all the suspects were detained.

It soon grew to be the top trend in the country with networkers urging harsh punishment of the primary culprit, names Usman Mirza. The event was emphasized by Social Media.

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