Friday, March 31, 2023

Ushna Shah mocks conspiracy theorist Adil Raja in a deleted tweet

After retired Army Major Adil Raja said that Pakistani actresses were “used” by the country’s top intelligence agencies as bait to record scandalous videos of politicians, actress Ushna Shah made fun of him on Twitter.

Ushna Shah’s tweets were in response to Raja’s claims that the actresses were “used” by the agencies.

The actress from the show Habs made a humorous joke at the fugitive ex-military officer, assuring everyone that the Pakistani actresses in question are in fact “ninjas.”

Ushna Shah posted a tweet in response to Major (ret.) Adil Raja‘s baffling hypothesis about a conspiracy.

The former military commander turned conspiracy theorist made certain claims in his most recent vlog that caused quite a commotion all over social media when it was believed that those statements were directed toward certain actresses.

In his most recent video blog, he made the ridiculous assertion that Pakistan’s models and actresses had been “used” by the country’s primary intelligence organisations as bait to record scandalous footage of Pakistani leaders.

This is an accusation that he has previously made in other videos. The retired major did not take the painters’ names, but he did write down their initials: MK, MH, KK, and SA.

Sajal Aly and Mehwish Hayat were among the actresses who condemned him for making the “salacious claims,” while Kubra Khan made a threat to file a lawsuit against him.

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