Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Ushna Shah and Dananeer Mobeen unhappy over inappropriate touching by women publicly

Pakistani actresses Ushna Shah and Dananeer Mobeen have spoken out against inappropriate touching by women fans without their consent in public places. Ushna tweeted about a recent event at a shopping mall.

According to the actress, one of her fan touched her hair to say hello, where she complained for the rest of the day. She said her entire week will have destroyed if that aunt had touched her face.

Moreover, party girl and actress Dananeer Mobeen offered her thoughts on article of Ushna Shah. She said that she agreed with her wholeheartedly and that it had occurred to her as well.

“When ladies embrace without permission and then place their hands on their waists, it’s an embarrassing scenario. Have I measured by these people? Please create an awareness campaign to take care of people’s privacy,” said the actress.

Furthermore, the actress Mehwish Hayat has recently involved in an incident. Her fan attempted to place his hand on her back in order to snap a picture. However, a friend of Mehwish’s grabbed her hand and pulled him away. She has spoken out against such situations when she was talking on Instagram.

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