Wednesday, March 22, 2023

USF has awarded about 125 billion rupees in projects

More than 26 million people in more than 12,000 mazes and more than 120 districts in Pakistan now have a voice thanks to the Universal Service Fund (USF), which gave subsidies to 123 projects worth about Rs. 124.8 billion as part of its flagship programs.

Haaris Mahmood Chaudhary, the CEO of the United States Fund, did tell the Asia-Pacific delegation of the Global System for Mobile Communications Association about this (GMSA).

When asked how he felt about hosting GSMA APAC, Chaudhary became thankful for the chance to meet with Julian Gorman, Head of APAC, Jeanette Whyte, Head of Public Policy, and Saira Faisal, Country Lead, Digital Transformation.

The GSMA APAC and USF can get together to talk about how they can work better together and what did make to assist Pakistan’s ICT industry get past the problems it is having right now.

The GSMA APAC team did praise the USF’s work and did point out how important the ICT infrastructure built by USF programs is to the growth of Digital Pakistan.
The CEO has already given a detailed presentation on how USF’s work in low-income areas has done pay off.

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He said that more than 600 tehsil headquarters, union councils, and major towns in Pakistan are now connected to USF’s 12,000 km of optical fiber. This makes it possible to set up 5G networks.

The presentation also did talk about the plans for high-speed mobile broadband and optical fiber programs now and in the future.

USF top management says that these projects are helping to close the digital gender gap in Pakistan by making it easier for e-suite services to spread and making more of them available.

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