Monday, September 25, 2023

United States urged Iran to resume Nuclear deal soon

The United States urged Iran to quickly return to talks about reviving the Nuclear deal. New Irani president Ebrahim Raisi announced he will seek a diplomatic path to lifting sanctions.

“We urge Iran to return to Nuclear deal talks immediately. If President Raisi is sincere in his determination to lift sanctions, then that is exactly on the table in Vienna, ” Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

“This is an urgent priority for US because we understand the issues that are going on. We hope Iran will now take the opportunity to find a diplomatic solution,” he added.

He was referring to months of futile indirect talks in the Austrian capital to revive former President Donald Trump’s failed 2015 nuclear deal. Biden government sees the deal as key to securing permanent and verifiable borders to Iran’s nuclear program.

Moreover, he said the proposal to end sweeping sanctions in exchange for compliance with the deal would not continue “indefinitely.”

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