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More than 30,000 US soldiers committed suicides since 2001

Brown University researcher finds that the number of US soldiers who have committed suicide since 2001 is more than 30,000. Numbers may even be higher than research. Global war on terrorism following the 9/11 terrorists attacks resulted in 30,177 suicides by enlisted or post-service soldiers.

Study author Thomas Howard Suitt says there have only 7,057 actual deaths in the US military since then. The study found that suicides could be higher because the Veterans Administration did not prosecute all serving as military reservists and National Guard troops. They are often pressured to serve in a US Capitol emergency in January.

The death rate from US adversary combat operations has significantly decreased in 2007, but the number peaked in 2012. The study says that troop suicide rates have risen in recent years despite the halt in military operations in Afghanistan.

Studies also found the reasons of US soldiers’ suicides

As for the reason researcher said that nobody committed suicide but rather to put it together like a puzzle. We can only identify in retrospect. However, he points to the increased use of improvised explosive devices which have caused a large number of brain injuries.

He also noted that medical advances have allowed the military to return to the battlefield. With brain injuries join troops in battlefield could lead to suicide.

Moreover, high suicide rate has caused by a number of factors. Some of which are inherent in warfare and some of which are typical of the US war on terrorism. They are partly due to the risks associated with waging war. High levels of trauma, stress, military culture and training, continued access to weapons. As well as difficulty in reintegrating into civilian life.

Researcher quotes the story of Army Sergeant Dominic McDaniel.

An IED explosion in 2005 left McDaniel with a brain injury. He discharged from the army and terrible guilt for the unit members who had also injured. The study found that McDaniel was being treated for depression and suicidal thoughts. But he also said that nine soldiers died in the fighting and another 15 died by suicide.

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