Monday, December 4, 2023

US social media companies follow country’s laws: India

US social media companies must follow country’s laws after arguing with Twitter, India.

Indian IT minister Ravi Shankar calls out Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp by name in parliament house.

India recently rebuked Twitter after it refused to fully comply with a government order to take down over 1,100 accounts.

India has asked US social media companies to comply with the country’s laws after arguing with Twitter about content regulation.

Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad spoke in parliament on Thursday about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp. He also said they could happily work in India, but only if they followed Indian rules.

“You have to follow the Indian constitution, you have to obey Indian law,” Prasad said.

India rebuked Twitter on Wednesday after the Twitter refused to comply government order to take down more than 1,100 accounts. Also the publications that New Delhi claims is misinformation about farmer’s protests against the new agricultural reforms.

Whereas Twitter has stated that it does not block all content as it is believed the guidelines do not comply with Indian law.

It has sparked criticism from India’s IT ministry and told politicians to urge their followers to join local Twitter rival, Koo.

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