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US sees renewed role for Pakistan

US sees renewed role for Pakistan in Afghanistan’s peace process

Former adviser to the Obama administration, Dr Barnett R Rubin, sees a ‘reborn’ role for Pakistan. It is after US President Biden’s review of the US-Afghan deal.

“In light of Joe Biden‘s call for review, it is time for Pakistan, with the support of other forces. At this time must play a role in consolidating the US-Afghan peace deal with the Taliban by cooperating again on the implementation of US prisoner of war rescheduling. Also ceasefire, UN sanctions against the Taliban and a future political roadmap leading to a transitional government in Afghanistan.

Hoping that the newly formed Biden government will not cancel the Afghanistan peace agreement. Rubin suggested a “brief pause” so that all parties “can renegotiate in the sense that the other criteria. Also the objectives set out in the agreement are fully met, remaining intact,” the webinar said.

Held on Sundays under the auspices of the Soch think tank. “It would be better if a political transition occurred when American troops have deployed in Afghanistan.”

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“This is the phase in which Pakistan and the entire region are entering. The Taliban is likely to speak out against delaying a US troop withdrawal. If the US goes ahead with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or the US-Iran Agreement between the US and Iran to reach an agreement with Pakistan’s most important country, China. , Russia and finally Iran and all regional actors have a united position for a stable transition of US troop withdrawals. “The Taliban are more in agreement,” he said.

US cannot ignore Kashmir issue

Soch head said Pakistan has a changing role in Afghanistan and in the peace deal. It also would be concerned if the new US administration ignores the country’s concerns about India’s involvement and the Pakistani Taliban factor in Afghanistan. He hasn’t seen Washington involve New Delhi in the Kashmir issue. This is because of Islamabad has been putting it on its back since 2019.

Opinions about US-Afghan deal

High-level columnist regrets the US-Taliban deal is not intended to benefit Afghans who continue to suffer casualties in the war-torn country.

President Biden must play an effective role in building regional and international peace by taking a realistic and pragmatic approach, said senior columnists. You said Biden should try to restore good relations with Pakistan.

Former Foreign Minister said Pakistan would seek to restore relations with the United States. “We are confident that the Biden government will support Pakistan’s efforts and help resolve the old Kashmir problem, which is a source of instability in the region.”

As US sees renewed role for Pakistan, he stressed that the Biden government will go beyond defense and security ties with India, meaning New Delhi will face tough problems in the coming years.

There will be no radical changes in Pakistan’s foreign policy under the Biden administration, said senior expert.

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